Bay of Naples, Italy with

Mount Vesuvius in the background.

Bay of Naples in the morning, 1843

by Ivan Aivazovsky

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from 11:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Monday: 1:30 to 8:30 ~ Closed Sunday

Amalfi Coast, Italy

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Bay of Naples, 1845

by Ivan Aivazovsky

Bay of Naples, 1843, with Mount Vesuvius in the background.

by Ivan Aivazovsky

Images from our restaurant and from our menu!

‚ÄčCastello LancelottiLauro, Campania, Italy


In 1928 in a flea market  at Yale Polo grounds in New Haven , Connecticut, a gentleman named Mr. Compasano was selling fried bread dough with sauce on it out of a step van. One year later, Frank Pepe opened the first restaurant serving baked bread dough with sauce and mozzarella cheese. These two gentleman have the distinction of being the originators of the New Haven Style  "APIZZA" ( Apizza, pronounced Ah Pizza is an Napolitano terminology meaning " a pizza"). In 1939, Anthony Tolli opened the 4th pizza restaurant in New Haven , Connecticut. In 1954, Anthony Tolli moved his operation to East Haven Connecticut.


May of 1958, Anthony Tolli became a sponsor for his nephew Carmine Peluso and his family, who were living in Naples, Italy, and had a desire to come to America.Carmine worked with his other uncle Pepe Marzullo in his pastry shop in the evening and with his uncle Anthony Tolli in the daytime.

 In 1962 , Carmmine Peluso bought 'Tolli's Apizza" and thus began the Peluso reign in the pizza industry. Carmine combined his pastry knowledge with his pizza knowledge and created the delicious pizza crust that you now enjoy through both his sons, Andrew and Anthony Peluso.

Whether on the East coast ( Tolli's Apizza), or on the West Coast (Peluso's Apizza), you can now enjoy a traditional apizza, coast to coast.


The Peluso family wishes to thank all its loyal customers for their patronage. Peluso's is still committed to using the finest ingredients available to create their apizza with pride and distinction!


Thank you,

Andrew Peluso


Andrew Peluso, Owner & Chef

Another view ofCastello LancelottiLauro, Campania, Italy

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